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As a leading real estate service company, we are advancing and taking our business on to a higher level by offering property management services.

Room Inspection

WE strongly recommend you to conduct a proper inspection before moving in!

Our licensed inspection company with a team of experienced engineers equipped with professional tools will help you to check out every single corner of your room and make sure the contractor will get them all noticed and fixed before your handover of title.

Legal Consultant

Our team of Thai law and solicitor partners comprises of individuals well established in their respective field. Utilising their local network within a global environment, they stands as a leading international law firm specialised in handling legal matters in Thailand assisting foreign clients with their expertise in structuring and implementing the best legal strategies in the most cost effective manner.

Professional translation with a quality guarantee

Reliable translation services can be hard to come by, and few things are worse than finding out that your understanding of documents were wrong due to incompetent translations.

Thankfully, we have accumulated over 20 years of experience in this field and our translations are guaranteed with certifications from Notary Publics and Translators of The Justice Court. You can rest easy knowing your understanding is based on proper and accurate translations.